Accounts Payables

We are accustomed to tracking payments, setting up streamlined organization systems, and knowing where to look for gaps when the numbers don’t add up.

Accounts Payables

Our accountants evaluate your accounts payable and prepare reimbursements for cash advances, corporate travel cards, petty cash, travel expenses and make payment notes for goods and services delivered by individuals and vendors to your clients.

We enable you and your CPA firm with timely fund disbursals in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Missing out to pay one company or accidentally paying twice can off track your bank accounts as well as your financial outlook.

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Accounts payable management services

Accounts payable services that we provide, with the advantages of cutting edge technology and skilled staff, are Sarbanes-Oxley compliant – leading to reduced discrepancies and greater financial control.

  • Purchase Order Generation

    Purchase Order Generation to conveniently generate and keep track of the purchases made by your client related to product/service, vendor, location, or class, and link purchase orders to payments made to vendors.

  • Entering Vendor Bills

    Entering Vendor Bills considering what the company, your client, had ordered and received, appropriate unit costs, calculations, totals, terms, etc. to prevent paying a fraudulent or inaccurate invoice, or paying a vendor invoice twice.

  • Data Capture

    Receipt and management of all paper-based payables documents including:

    • Sorting, scanning and batch preparation for document indexing
    • Audit and reconciliation of scanned invoices
    • 100% availability of scanned invoices
  • Data Processing

    Exception Management/Resolution: Resolution and proactive management of exception transactions including:

    • Approval and exception routing
    • Documented audit trail
    • Reduced month-end closing process
  • Making Payments Notes

    Making Payments Notes to Vendors for bills and invoices that are legitimate and accurate.

  • Entering Payments

    Entering Payments Made to Vendors to manage cash flow by scheduling payments.

  • Suspect Duplicate Analysis

    Audit and control mechanisms to eliminate the risk of duplicate payments and support recovery and reclamation through:

    • Electronic invoice processing
    • Manual and automated data entry
    • Three-way database matching
  • Disbursement Services

    All aspects of payments in least possible turn-around time to reduce customers’ floating costs.

    • Electronic payment handling
    • Online check proofing
    • Printing and distribution of checks
    • Return check handling
    • Secured maintenance of check stock
    • Special invoice mail handling

Our accounts payable services optimize your working capital, sustain cash savings initiatives, and enable long-term supplier relationship management to help you maximize profits and thrive in rapidly changing economies.

We are equipped to consolidate and standardize your accounts and enable better price negotiations and strengthened cash flow. We provide you greater control to minimize and eliminate risks and revenue leakage. Optimization of working capital will help you and your CPA firm to improve the ability to pay on time.


We use the breadth of our experience to design, implement,
and maintain bookkeeping services for you.

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