Accounting Services

We combine a team of experts, systematized processes and procedures, and the very latest in accounting technology, to ensure that you, your CPA firms, Non-profit organizations, and NGOs, receive the very best accounting services.

Accounting Services

Our accounting services for small businesses are cost effective and compliant to US accounting standards, and can handle accounting activities across writing checks to compiling financial statements and tax preparation.

Upon successfully resolving challenges of compliance as per accounting standards, our accounting experts can help you to structure finances for maximum tax efficiency and profitability.

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Accounting services, we offer

  • Accounts Receivables

    Accounts Receivables Services monitor and help you to follow up with customers who agreed to, but did not pay. It becomes mandatory in this concurrent market dynamics and ever changing financial theories.
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  • Accounts Payables

    Accounts Payables (AP) Services to optimize your client’s working capital and withstand cash savings efforts; empowering them with long-term supplier relationship management, maximize profits and succeed in rapidly changing economies.
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  • Accounts Reconciliation

    Accounts Reconciliation Services include reconciliation of your bank statements with the records maintained by your organization, Reconciliation of credit card statements with your bank records, Invoice matching with your ledger and journal entries, Sequencing of checks and much more. The documents review or analytics review is to prove that the transactions which sum up to the end account balance for any account – are correct.

  • Inventory Maintenance and Reconciliation

    Inventory Maintenance and Reconciliation Services include planning, directing and controlling so that it contributes to business’ profitability of your client. Our expertise is with multiple-warehouse inventory reconciliation, inventory valuation adjustments, cycle counts, vendor return of goods orders and inventory reporting.

  • Closing Accounts

    Closing Accounts to empty temporary accounts at the end of a reporting period and to transfer their balances into permanent accounts, to avoid balances from these accounts getting included incorrectly in the total for upcoming reporting period.

  • Generating Trial Balance

    Generating Trial Balance to ensure that there are no unbalanced journal entries in the accounting system that can pose a challenge in generating accurate financial statements.

  • TAX Preparations

    MIS – Monthly/ Quarterly/ Year-End TAX Preparations by accountants with relevant background, skills and experience to streamline tax filing, employee benefit, audit, and management related activities for all your clients.

Today’s competitive market demands accounting and documentation, tax and VAT compliance, financial planning, corporate services, and over and above sound advice from professionals. Our dedicated team of accounting professionals comprising of bookkeepers, accounting software specialists, and accounting managers update your accounting records to produce a set of financial statements that meet regulatory and tax deadlines; though stringent.

We believe in providing up-to-date and solid financial structure as a base for growth of your enterprise. We strive to achieve only the best, always at an affordable rate, whether you need an accountant, advice on taxation across any state in the US or any other financial process outsourcing task.


We use the breadth of our experience to design, implement,
and maintain bookkeeping services for you.

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