Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services for Certified Public Accountants and Accounting Firms
As part of our bookkeeping services for Accounting firms and CPAs, we focus on delivering simple, value-driven daily financial functions. Our accountants and bookkeepers provide you and your CPA firm with data and reports required for tax and audit work.

Bookkeeping for Small Business

We provide bookkeeping services which saves time and enables them to derive exclusive decision making strategies. We team up with CPAs with our executional capabilities, delivery experience, and project & account management skills to deliver quality financial transaction processing to their clients.

Our customized bookkeeping solutions help and support CPAs in various states of the USA, by keeping their client’s books of accounts up-to-date and finished, while working as their offshore team from India.

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Our bookkeeping services include

  • Daily Bookkeeping

    Daily Bookkeeping Services including sales entries, purchase entries, bank transaction entries and expense allocation by executives with strong accounting and mathematical skills include:

    • Balancing the books, including bank and cash accounts (reconciliation/cash flow)
    • Collecting dues from your customers (credit control)
    • Dealing with other financial company information and administration
    • Ensuring monthly/quarterly processing is completed
    • Financial reporting and performance
    • Managing & monitoring your expenses
    • Preparing & managing your cash flow, budgets & forecasts
    • Stock valuations followed by business plan preparation for you
    • Preparing your company accounts/financial statements (profit & loss, balance sheet)
    • Processing VAT returns and maintaining compliance
    • Recording all your sales and purchasing transactions (accounts payable/accounts receivable)
  • General Ledger Maintenance

    General Ledger Maintenance, to showcase the permanent summary of all your supporting journals including sales and cash receipts, cash disbursement journals and more, include:

    • Reconciliation of your general ledger with vendor invoices
    • Recording of all expenses and income
    • Maintenance of various ledger and sub-ledger accounts
    • Fixed asset accounting, including capitalization, depreciation, etc.
    • Reconciliations – bank, branch, inter-company, ledger and sub-ledger
    • Month-end and year-end closing
    • Consolidated financial reporting
    • Taxation and regulatory compliance
    • Preparation of financial statements and reports
  • Bank Reconciliation

    Bank Reconciliation Services, to ensure your company records including check register, general ledger account, balance sheet, etc. are accurate and so are the bank records, include:

    • Full and partial reconciliation
    • Periodic reconciliation of your bank statements with your internal financial records
    • Periodic reconciliation of your merchant accounts like PayPal / CC Avenues
    • Creating bank reconciliation reports
  • Credit Card Reconciliation

    Credit Card Reconciliation Services to verify the integrity of data between your credit card statements or associated reports from merchant services providers with your internal financial records, include:

    • Full and partial credit card reconciliation
    • Reconciliation of accounts statements for your internal finance data
    • Reconciling your internal finance data with the client’s credit card bills
    • Reconciliation of vendor invoices with your general ledger
    • Reconciling bank statements with the records managed by your company
  • Updating Chart of Accounts

    Updating Chart of Accounts to help you analyze your income, expenditure, assets, liabilities and capital when running your management reports.

  • Fixed Assets Management

    Fixed Assets Management Services that make it easy for you to work with your advisor to manage depreciation and disposal.

Your CPA firm should not be reviewing the accuracy of each expense posted, but focus on ratios and reasonableness. Our team delivering bookkeeping services even packs up all the monthly financial statements at year end for tax filing, so that you don’t have to struggle with it. We work with your clients ensuring smooth tax seasons for your CPA firm. Bookkeeping services are best left to offshore firms that specialize in providing customized services to the individual needs, while you obtain more profitable business such as consulting, attest and tax work.


We use the breadth of our experience to design, implement,
and maintain bookkeeping services for you.

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