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Manage your Accounting and Bookkeeping Records, Outsource it to a Professional Bookkeeper

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Manage your Accounting and Bookkeeping Records, Outsource it to a Professional Bookkeeper

It is a widely observed fact that a majority of small business owners single-handedly juggle core and non-core business operations. They are usually caught up with various non-core activities, which eventually eats up their valuable time and they can not focus hard on their core areas like business development or marketing.

In order to resolve this, several small business owners opt for outsourced bookkeeping, payroll management, accounts management etc., to professional accounting and bookkeeping service providers.

Bookkeeping is indeed a time-consuming task that demands expertise and in-depth knowledge. However, a large number of start-ups and small-scale enterprises, often undermine this crucial business activity, by either keeping it back-seat or try to do bookkeeping on their own. This practice fails miserably due to the lack of knowledge and expertise.

Therefore, it is important to partner with professional bookkeeping service providers, who inturn enhance financial management of the organization. This gives you the time to focus on your core competencies. Let’s check out some of the benefits of outsourced bookkeeping services.

1. Equipped with latest knowledge

Since, it is their job, bookkeepers are usually the first ones who will get the latest updates about any government regulatory changes and how to deal with it. Outsourcing bookkeeping services will ensure that every financial operation is in sync with the latest regulatory changes, since this inadvertently impacts other important financial processes as well.

Moreover, lack of expertise and knowledge, often leads to working on the same thing again. This basically gets you nowhere and ends up losing the valuable human hours to clear up the unorganized finances.

2. Your bookkeepers will provide up-to-date records

Tax season is perhaps the toughest time of the year for you as an entrepreneur and your CPA firm as well. Your CPA firm usually will end up burning midnight oil, if they are not provided with the up-to-date records for final tax returns. Therefore, many CPAs, in turn approach a professional bookkeeper to help them in creating updated financial records. This reduces the burden of your accountant or CPA to half and helps them file the tax returns correctly and on time. Eventually, helping your business to avoid any legal penalties.

3. A bookkeeper will help you understand your business

There is a common belief that bookkeepers are there, just to crunch the numbers. Therefore, most of the time, we miss out the fact that they actually help the business to flourish.

Since, a bookkeeper is a third-party, they can provide valuable insights from a third-person’s perspective. They may show you certain areas where you need to concentrate more. Moreover, they are well versed in the most important financial processes of your business, so can help you evaluate the profits and losses, especially during budget planning.

4. You can concentrate on the area of core-competencies

You have just started out your new venture and are passionately involved in developing and selling a product or service. Therefore, any time that you spend managing activities other than that, like bookkeeping or administrative work, eventually takes up the valuable hours which you can further dedicate to take your business ahead.

When you have hired a professional bookkeeper who can take care of all your financial records, you can devote significant hours to concentrate on your core area i.e., business development.

5. Bookkeeping done correctly, in the first attempt

While bookkeeping is not difficult, just like everything else, a professional intervention more likely proves to be efficient. It is observed that many small business owners who have attempted to handle bookkeeping themselves, for a brief period of time, ended up doing it all wrong. It needed major overhauls and clean ups.

Therefore, hiring a professional bookkeeper ensures that your books are up-to-date, and the reporting is accurate. This, apparently gives a perfect picture of the financial position.

6. No more procrastination

Perhaps your business is flourishing, even though you have not outsourced the bookkeeping. You have been doing it since day one. However, it may happen that you are just too overwhelmed, or simply going too busy, with your business development activities that you end up putting bookkeeping on second priority.

This will increase the level of inefficient financial records,which might pose serious problems in a long run. Therefore, having a professional bookkeeper will ensure that your finances and accounts are maintained properly.

7. Bookkeeping is not expensive

Contrary to the popular belief, hiring professional bookkeeper is not expensive to your business. The value that you achieve from partnering with a professional who has the potential to do it correctly and on time time will allow you to focus on the core area. Therefore, you can leverage the business operations and take it further to greater heights.


Disorganized books will constantly make your feel stressed out and ultimately deviate you from focusing on the core tasks. Hiring a professional bookkeeper will reduce your stress and make the financial records more organized. Having a bookkeeping will save you valuable hours and money in the long run.

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Dr. Devaansh , with a career spanning over 17 years, has played a variety of senior roles in global business process solutions, accounting & taxation, financial planning, regulatory compliances, mergers & acquisitions, corporate policy designing, organizational restructuring, human resources set-up, business process re-engineering and many more. An expert at accounting, bookkeeping solutions, finances, international trade, international banking, strategic alliances, corporate strategy and legal areas, is also a visionary, who assists clients with operations in multiple economies, manage their overall accounting needs, financial planning and performance analysis reports of group organizations.


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